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Week 7

Been 10 days since I last visited, looks like the site has been very busy! Good to see almost everyone is still here and not smoking! and lots of new people too!

I am still doing really well. Now going several days in a row and not thinking at all about smoking. I am turning off my automatic counter reminder, as it is reminding me about smoking...LOL It was very helpful for these first 7 weeks, I highly recommend using one. But for now I will just go check it out manually when I think about it.

Have not had any cravings. I think my mood and behaviour is all back to normal now. Today is day 2 of week 7 (day 44).

A recent revelation is that I am sleeping better now then when I smoked. I am more rested in the morning and I am not wheezing during the night or waking up with a stuffy nose and dry throat.

Still having problems with a sore throat. My doc thinks it might be acid reflux and has put me on some meds, so far no improvment. Has anyone had a sore throat for the whole first 7 weeks (an counting) when they quit????

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Well done to you :D....that is fantastic...keep up the good work;)


Hi Downunder :D

That's great 44 days and counting soon be your 50 days milestone well done


Marg xx


Hi Downunder

This is fantastic going CT from 2 packs a day, looks like you have faced your demon head on and won.

You are about £500 richer and a lot healthier hope the sore throat clears up soon.

You are brave to start your quit just before christmas I always used it as an excuse because smoking gave me comfort.



Brilliant well done, keep up the good work you are a winner.



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