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New Year, new attempt (hopefully my last!)

Well hello everyone,

I spent a couple of months here last year and then succumbed to the evil weed. So here I am trying again. I hope to God that this is my last time because I have been down this quit/fail, quit/fail route too many times now. I had my last cigarette at 10am this morning which means that I have been free for 12 and a half hours. Using the patches again as the CT method just doesn't work for here goes

PP x

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A warm welcome back. Lets hope this proves to be the one that clicks for you.

I can't stress enough the importance of determination though, it sees you through so much. Read up as much as you can too.

Post on here any time you need to, and i wish you all the very best for your quit. Welcome back once again.



good to see you back penguin - new year, new decade, new quit. this is the one ! :D

good luck for tomorrow.



hi Penquin :D

Welcome back and well done restarting your quit

you know the drill so read read and read some more and Keep posting

We're all here for you Promise


Marg xx


Welcome back PP, I'm sure you will do it this time. Good luck.


Welcome back good to hear from you again. You know what you need to do and we are all here to help and remind you.

Best wishes.




Welcome back.

As you know sometimes it takes a few attempts and it's good that you are continuing to try. Hope this one turns into a successful attempt.

Good to see your name on the boards :)



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