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Finally day 1 (hopefully my last)

Dear all

After lurking and occasional posting for the last few weeks here I am on day 1. Using patches and lozenges and dare I say it, it really hasn't been too bad :eek:

I hope I haven't just jinxed myself :rolleyes: Hasn't been as bad as I or my hubby expected it to be!

Been busy today and only had 3 lozenges so far but evenings are always my worst so am expecting it to hit me more soon, but for now I haven't smoked today and I'm really rather proud.....long may it continue!

Thanks for reading,


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Good luck

Good luck with the giving up...

I've just quit myself (today) and also found this forum earlier this morning. Do people post/help each other in the forum? it looks like there aren't that many posts each day which is a shame as I think it does help if one knows other people in the same position i.e. craving cigs :-)



Yeah generally people post to offer support etc, maybe it's been quiet as it's a bank hols who knows???

So we share the same quit day, how are you finding it so far? Are you quitting cold turkey or using NRT?? I'm finding this evening the hardest part of the day but I knew that would happen so am trying to deal with it!



I am "trying" again today also. It's been so up and down that I can't count the quit attempts, but bought a new truck and have been asked to train 2 girls before a wedding, so what a perfect time! Just tired of failing all the time! I have lozenges and have ordered patches, oh and the gum too! Just have to have the will power!!!!

Good luck to the both of you, maybe we can support each other?




Good Luck to all of you on your journey of becoming a non-smoker!!!!


I'm quitting cold turkey and have posted some details here:

My forum post

Basically I've listened to the Max Kirsten hypnotherapy sessions from here (I bought the iPhone version):

Max Kirsten

I'll keep an eye on everyones progress - let's see if we can beat this thing :D


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