No Smoking Day
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Day 12

Hello everyone,

Not been around much last couple of days but have read previous threads and sounds like everybody is doing really well. It is a weird thing but knowing that you lot can do it makes me feel I can too.

Today has been pretty good so far. No major cravings. Quite a few people came into the shop stinking of bacci and that made me feel really good!

Task for tonight - go for curry then to local music venue to watch band with a load of mates and my husband who all drink heavily and smoke alot.

Task for tomorrow - away on business with husband who smokes alot.


Know i can do it though.

Will check in next week to see if you've all been good and let you know how I faired - bit anxious but hey, how hard can it be?;)


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Hi Nessy, sounds like you are doing really well. The forum is a great place to see other people managing to quit and therefore make you realise you can do it too.

Sounds like you are in for a good time tonight, it maybe testing with beer and fags all around but you know you can do it and you will feel so good tomorrow when you wake up and you are a non smoker.

Stay focused, stay strong and I am looking forward to hearing how you get on.


Keep strong Nessy you are doing amazingly well.

Good luck tonight and hope all goes well.....

Loads of PMA your way....xx


hey nessy,

two weeks just round the corner now! your doing great,



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