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Day 12 and need to share this!

Hello all,

I just need to say well done to all those who have stopped smoking. I am really rather pleased with myself but the trouble is I can't share how I'm feeling with anyone except you lot.

This is because I have always been a secret smoker! I am an infant teacher at a little primary school and I could never smoke at work so during the week I didn't smoke til 5pm when I got home.

Nobody at work knows I smoke.

My mother thinks I stopped smoking years ago.

You may say - oh I bet they knew really, because you stink of ciggies, but the thing is, my husband smokes so if I do smell of ciggies I would blame him!

Of course I can share my delight at not smoking with my husband but as he is still smoking heavily, he isn't all that pleased for me (more jealous I think).

So I am sharing my delight with you lot!!

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Well done you.

My missus is the same she has smoked secretly for years and has quit with me but she has gone cold turkey and is finding it quite easy which is slightly anoying.But you got to be in it to win it so well done again.


I was a secret smoker from many people for a long time, my Mum being one. She was so disgusted with me that I told her I quit years ago! So she doesn't even know how proud I am of myself now. You want to tell the world but if they didn't know you smoked in the first place... what's the point.

i admire you for staying a secret smoker. Everyone busted me sooner or later. I am a terrible secret smoker lol

The fact is that you stopped. Just take comfort in the fact that you can now be around those same people without craving nicotine.

You are doing very well ;)


well done jerry.lee,,i told my family i had stoped smoking,,but i was a secret smoker,i smoked in the wifes work room,were she sows,and were she smokes and still does grrrrrrr...felted guility so told them all i smoked,,they said, so whats i am 9 weeks and 3 days in to my quit,,i quit for me this time not for any body else,,i can see they are jealous of me and i feel good about that,,so jerry lee you should be so proud ,,you are doing so so good,you just keep the faith tony lol


Hi Jerry

We are proud of you hun, i know you cant share that with your family, and maybe your hubby will quit now he can see how well you have done.

It is a wonderful feeling knowing that you have finally got control over your self, it is very hard to explain to others that dont smoke the thrill of taking back that control.

Jerry you are an absolute star. Well done hun, well done everyone :)




Well done. I too was a secret smoker. Gave up 8 years ago just before my first grandchild was born but started again when he was 2 but didn't dare tell my daughter in law because she too had given up and she has never smoked since. One of the reasons I am packing in for good is 5 grandchildren later I would like to be around to see them all grow up.


Hi Jerry-Lee,

Well done.

Im not a secret smoker but i dont have people around me who i can share the experiences with, non smokers look at you as if your some sort of nutcase, my partners advise is simple dont smoke and the rest of the people i deal with dont smoke.

Its great to come on here and read peoples experiences, as smokers we can all relate to each others experiences:D



Secret Smokers

I'm flabberghasted how many secret smokers there seem to it more women than men?

If you've got the willpower and smarts to be a secret smoker, you can surely quit too.

And well done to all of you from me!



To be honest - I was embarassed that I smoked. Quite a few of my friends have stopped, my work colleagues have never smoked and I knew it was a real stupid thing to be doing. I hated admitting that I wasn't strong enough to stop. My mum has never smoked and she was so cross with me when she found out that I smoked - she said that she had given birth to a beautiful, perfect daughter and here I am, 17 years later, killing myself! Did that make me feel bad or what?

I did give up smoking in my twenties but I never admitted to mum that I had started again - I was too embarrassed!



I am at the same stage of quitting myself and it feels great,but don't forget you are doing this for yourself and it doesn't matter what other people think :D

Its good to share but don't let people judge you for what you have done.

Feel good for what you have achieved,and its only you that has done that :D

As tonyx would say: Keep the faith



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