No Smoking Day
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Hi to everyone how are you all on this very cold day?

Im doing ok i have now gone down to my small patchers have been on them neally a week now and to be honest i cant really feel much difference.

The only thing is lately i am geting head aches just feels like a hang over for the past few days,i dont know why just feel groggey.

Well its my day of today so i have been up town and now having a bit of me time.

Im at weight watchers tonight really dont want to go as i have put about 3lbs on so very gutted but i have eaten a bit like a pig this week :D

Never mind tomorrow a new day and a fresh start to a week for me

Soon be moving into month 4 omg were has the time gone :rolleyes:

Hows Dave my quit buddy doing?

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hi kay,

glad to hear your still kicking ass quitting smoking. dont worry about the rest, you can sort that out later. You cant mesure the damage of smoking like you can with weight gain, but let me reassure you that if you could then you would have lost about 20 "smoking pounds" with doing nearly 3 months smoke free. Its a really big achievement. Just cos you cant see it very easily means that we sometimes forget just how much progress we are making. Your body is getting WAY more healthy every day.

catchya later,

bman :D


Hi Kay

Still here and getting bigger :eek: Like everyone esle, fed up with this weather, but I don't have to go out in it every hour or so to poison myself :)

I'm with bman - everything is secondry to staying off fags - I figure I can go two more waist sizes before the OH books me into a gym!


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