No Smoking Day
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day1 tomorrow... maybe

haven't posted in a while cos im ashamed that i haven't put in enough effort trying to give up. just been making excuses such as i wasn't feeling well n stupid taxi's making me wait so long that i had time to go into the shop buy a some cigs n smoke most of them, although on that day i did give 2 cigs to a homeless guy (of course the better thing to have done would have been to give him the whole pack).

i have 5 cigs left which i will quite easily get through tonight and i'm in my pjs so i won't be going to the shop again, so tomorrow i will have no cigs. Rare day off work tomorrow so i figure i'll stay in bed the only place i never smoke that might work :)

Got my quit kit a few days ago not sure how helpful it will be, a toy a toothbrush and a sticker chart will this really help me?

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Hi Angela,

Your quit kit sounds awesome! What age do they think you are? I recently failed miserably after 6 days cold turkey, learnt more than a few hard lessons.

You don't sound entirely convinced about tomorrow......I wondered if you'd like a quit buddy? I'm giving myself a couple of days to get my head together and prepare for battle, then back on the old horse and try my damndest not to get kicked off this time. No pressure if you're ready to go ahead yourself, but just a thought if it might help both of us? Absolute best of luck whatever you decide, I'm sure we'll both be kicking around this forum for a long time to come!

Take care,

Jenni x


Unfortunately this kits are probably designed by none smokers and those smug people who managed to quit with ease. my dad is 1 of those smug people he quit when i was born and now i ask how he did it his reply is "i just stopped smoking". altough i'm not entirely sure about tomorrow i have been looking for the right time to quit for 7 years and i'm at the time in my life where i want to start a family and the 2 things i need are a healthy lifestyle and money.

iv now got the added pressure of not wanting to gain any weight as over the past year i've gained nearly 2st. i bumped in to an old collegue today and he is very blunt, i believe his exact words were "hi ange, you got big".

i'v been healthy eating today and instead of lager i'm drinkin wiskey n diet coke (so much for healthy lifestyle)


oh he sounds like a doll! Maybe the way you got to look at it is smoking is much, much worse for your health than a little extra weight. Apparently you would need to gain 5 stone in weight to put the same pressure on your heart as smoking does. So how about one thing at a time? I'm carrying a bit extra too, but I really want to kick the smoking thing first and once I feel I've got a bit of control there I was planning on joining the slimming club across the road!

Jenni x


im quitting tomorrow so we can be quit buddies :D:D


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