Day1 nearly complete


I'm a newbie o this site but from reading various posts it looks like there is a lot of support here! I've been smoking for 24 years ..about 10 a day, not a huge amount but I was a totally committed smoker! Stopped last night at 10pm and not had a cigarette all day. Haven't told anyone in my family (can't believe they haven't noticed!!) as I just want to take it one cigarette at a time. This is the hardest part of the day when kids have gone to bed and you are hanging on in here and tomorrow will be day 2!! :D

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  • well done! Day one is very tough and you have survived! I too didn't tell any of my family until today when I had reached the week mark, I didn't want the pressure of failing and everyone knowing. Take it one step at a time, good luck and well done:D

  • Welcome and congratulations on completing day 1 of your quit :D:D:D

    The support here is second to none and you will really benefit from having the group to discuss things with as your quit progresses. I wouldn't be without them all :o

    I only told my other half and didn't tell anyone else til I had the first week under my belt. I think I needed to build my confidence a bit before I was ready to share :D

    Good luck with day 2 :D

  • Thank you so much, you have made me feel very welcome! Feeling a bit shaky now so I think a well deserved early night is in order to start afresh tomorrow

  • Thank you so much, you have made me feel very welcome! Feeling a bit shaky now so I think a well deserved early night is in order to start afresh tomorrow

    Hot baths, warm drinks and early nights were what got me through the first week :) Your early night is definitely well deserved. Sleep well :D

  • Well done, nearly one day done and dusted. I found the first day to be the worst and it then got easier every day - best of luck for your quit :)

  • Well done -hope tomorrow goes well for you :)

  • All the best for your quit, there is plenty of support on here and we are here for the ups and indeed the downs, you will never feel alone there's always someone to talk to, as Lindy said be kind to yourself for the first few weeks, early nights, baths, and a good book helps if your not into reading then definitely online games will help you while away the time! :) xx

  • Its going to be hard but on day 1, 7, 14,21,28 (and im hoping successive weeks) and all those in between even if just for a few minutes you will feel fab when you realise what you've achieved. Good luck and well done on day one xxx

  • Well done on getting through your first day! I also smoked about 10 a day (although more when I was a teenager + smoking was allowed in pubs and clubs!) but somehow I am here in my second month, nicotine and cigarette free! I've managed to ride out all of the symptoms of quitting so far as for the most part I had read about them and anticipated them, which helps to deal with them better, I think.

    If I can do it you can too and there are lots of folks here to cheer you on :) oh and please be kind to yourself in those first few days and weeks - be sure to treat yourself with the money you're saving :)

  • Good to meet you Valsy and many congratualtions on reaching what will by now be Day 2 :D of your quit.

    Everything that everyone has said is perfectly true- you really will get all the support you need here- and I echo what Scarlett said. If I can do it, you can too.

    Well done on your achievement so far- I'm certain you're going the full distance :)

  • Welcome aboard, Valsy :)

    Hope your early night went well! How are you feeling today?

    Best wishes,


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