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No Smoking Day
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Day1, been okish


Today is the first day of my life as a non smoker! And to be honest, I feel like sh*t, lol. I would normally have had about 5 cigs about this time in the afternoon.

I'm going back to uni in two weeks and im not working at the moment. So lots of time at home. I'm living with my parents, which is a nightmare as we dont get on. So the temptation to have a cig is pretty strong at the moment.


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Hello, well done on your decision and stay strong, its worth it.

I go against the norm and believe that the best time to give up the smokes is when life is most stressfull. If you can be strong through those times, all the rest should be plain sailing.

I've been quit for over 5 weeks and having a bit of a stress at the moment so the cigs do go through my mind, but i'm not going back after coming this far.

Stay strong, and just think when u go back to uni u'll have a few weeks behind you and will be well on your way.


Hi there marshmallow man,

Well done, you are doing really well keep it up!

Think of all that lovely dosh you will have when you go back to uni, you will be able to eat and drink better if you aren't spending all that money on cigs!

Don't give in, stay strong,

Befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Congrats non-smoker!!! You are doing great. It is such a hard thing to give up, but with the help from everyone here we are all able to do it. :D

Stressful times in life can be dealt with without a ciggie...I know it's hard to believe but it is soooo true.

Hang in there - you can do it ;) Just think now - when you get your own place to live, it will NEVER smell like an ashtray and your walls will never be yellow and yucky. And if you use to smoke outside...then you won't have to freeze, you won't have to come in smelling soooo nasty and sit on your furniture and make it stink. You made the best decision of your life. Keep going...super star!! :D


Hi Marsh, what great decision you've taken.. yes, it's tough at the start but it'll get better and better and better

You'll probably start to feel the difference within a day or two.

Stick with it mate. It's 100% worth the effort. Honest!:D


Hey Marsh...Do your parents smoke? If not, it shall make things easier for you, but if so, that could make it a little harder as well. My hubby still smokes and at the very beginning of my quit he was going outside, but now he smokes in the house. It doesn't really bother me anymore though - hang in there! You are doing great :D


Congrats Marshmallowman !!!

Welcome on board the good ship no smoking day forum and to your quit x x

That's the first major hurdle beautifully cleared by yourself ;)

Well Done x x

~Buffy x x


I have big muscles and I can handle hubby smoking in the house :D WILL POWER BABY!!!! :rolleyes:



According to the clock you have now been smoke free for 23 hours and 10 minutes - nearly the end of day one. Brilliant - knew you could do it.

Role on day 2 and just think you'll never have to do day 1 again.



:( About an hour ago I was feeling down, went out for a drive to put petrol in, and bought some cigs, and chained 2.

Why do I do this to myself? shit, this it harder than I thought. I'm sorry for letting you guys and myself down. I'm tempted to have another one aswell, but played a pc game to take my mind off it.


Uh oh - whoops. You didn't let us down, you have only let yourself down :(

You bought a pack and if you have only smoked two ciggies that means that you have quite a few left and knowing you have them will probably make things worse for you. You should maybe finish the package and try again later or you should throw them in the trash and start fresh without the thought of having them close to distract you.

Let us know when you decide to get back on your horse and try again so we are ready to give you support...Until then, have a nice night. :)


Onwards and upwards Marshmallow x x x x

Take pride in the cigs you haven't smoked and put it down to a wee blip.

Brush yourself down and continue on!!

Stay strong ~Buffy x x


yep listen to Buff

she speaks a lot of sense

where as i just talk total rubbish about lamas :confused:

sorry!!! :D

We work together she brings the smiles to my boring chit chat :D hahaha

Bit like good cop funny cop :D hehehehehe


Mr Marshmallow

Don't worry and don't let this stop your determination to quit. Everybody goes through blips - if you look at some of the signatures of the members they actually say how many times they have tried to quit. It is hard but the fact that you made the steps you did shows you really want a smoke free life.

Oh and you didn't let anyone down. It's a very hard process and you will get there.

Best wishes Mr M and keep in touch.



I agree that everyone might blip sooner or later, still I have to be honest and say that I think a blip on the very first day is a sign that this might not be the best moment for you to quit. Which doesn't mean your best moment can't be within the week, of course, or tomorrow morning :) But maybe it'll be in 2 weeks, only you can know. I just think it works best if you schedule the exact day and time you will quit, and stick to it trying to get used to the idea of a smoke free life in the meantime. While waiting for my last day as a smoker to end, I smoked the hell out of my last pack of cigs but by the time I got to my last cigarette, I was so relieved, like so happy that it was eventually the last one. I really managed to feel liberated, but the point is I had given myself the time to wrap my mind around the whole thing first ;) Treat yourself well and you'll see that quitting might even be easier than you thought.

Best wishes whatever you decide and I hope to see you here again soon :)


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