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Well I fell off the wagon last night. I was out drinking and had 2 cigarettes. I could go into all the different circumstances and that everyone else was smoking but at the end of the day, both those cigarettes were my choice and I smoked them. They were vile and my throat hurts this morning.

So, back to day 1...nicotine monster going crazy in my head this morning and starting again x

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Oh Val

You must be so annoyed with yourself. Straight back here is brill though before you really start smoking again. We've all been there.:D


Sorry to hear that Val! Sue is right that we've all been there though!!! Good luck getting back on the wagon!!!


Oh val, only to echo previous replies, can imagine you just. Feel so disappointed with your self .

Great positivity straight back with your quit, that's great:)


The main thing is that you've got back on the horse.

Sorry about the blip, Val, but I am sure you have learned from the circumstances and won't let Old Nic catch you unawares again this time.

Onwards and upwards. :)


Thanks guys. I actually don't feel too bad, I know it was a blip, an afternoon beer in the sunshine caught me completely unawares and I had no plan in place to stop it. As soon as I woke up this morning I knew I was still a non smoker, even though the inner monologue started strong with ' just smoke when your drinking that will be fine' I know that will not work as I will never know where to draw the line (a glass of Wine every night just so I can smoke.???).

So, back to it, today has not been as bad as my first day and in a way I feel a little bit stronger, hope it's not a nicotine illusion....


oh fantastic, Val. Yeah if you still feel like a non-smoker it won't effect your quit. Just like Jenny said penthouse delayed a little.

I think you're right I think nico -demon will try

'You can have one when you drink' as it was ok last time:

then you'll be on a glass of wine a night. I fell for that one.


Glad today hasn't been too bad hon, just keep going, you know how the sneaky, stinky swine likes to prepare these ambushes and you know now to be ready for him - onwards and upwards!:cool:

Thanks kat, I know it's another lesson learnt!!! Heres to day 2 x


Yep, don't regret it hon - think how much worse it would have been if you'd been hit with one four or five months in, it would have been DEVASTATING! At least you've had your hiccup early and as the cliché says, forewarned is forearmed!

Did you get sun today your side of the Tamar? I was fogbound for the second day running:rolleyes:

Yeah some lovely sun today x


Great to see you carrying your quit on - takes alot to get straight back to your quit - well done you :)


You jammy so and so - so what did you do to make the most of it?

Well the kids were away so we went for breakfast and a long walk to see the sea...back to reality today and work :eek:


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