No Smoking Day
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I have decided..Day one tomorrow

Another thread...yet again!

I have decided to start (to stop!) again tomorrow....

I am trying not to think about the "horrors" experienced before..quite difficult to try not to.

I was inspired by all the good advice and strenght which other members showed in their threads.It may be difficult but not impossible.

Wish me luck!


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Hi Zai,

Good luck for tomorrow. Just try to stay positive and listen to all the good advice on here, I know you can do it :)

Lindsay xxx


Thank you Lindsay.

That's very sweet and comforting.



Good luck, just remember everything you have read here, and there is a rule that kept me going a couple of times.

When you feel you are about to fail, come to the forum and post, you then have to wait for 5 replies before you do anything.

You can do this, we will all help you all we can, read loads and post often.

Plan what treats you will have after day one, week one etc etc this will help keep you focused.

Sending you all the PMA (positive mental attitude) I can and looking forward to hearing how you get on.


Hi zai

Best of luck with your quit tomorrow stay positive and you can do it.



Hi Zai

Good luck for tomorrow. We are all here to support and help you.;)

Read and post messages on here often so we know how well you are doing.

Best wishes



Good luck!

Best of luck for tomorrow.

I agree with the others that the support on here is invaluable. It really helps to keep you strong and also to understand what you are feeling. I find just reading that the feelings are normal and will pass really keeps you focussed.

You can do it!



DO it!

Check in with you tomorrow!!!

I'll be here and not smoking on day 4... Day 4 where does the time go

Come join us...We can make it fun :rolleyes: Or at least try


go for it zaira, we re all here for you

louise xx


Good luck Zia I'm sure you'll be really fine - just keep strong. We are all behind you to give you support.


Thank you for all you support.

I have been also watching loads of videoblogs on you tube and I was thinking to upload one everyday to keep track of progress.

Again, thank you for all your support.




Welcome Back....

Hi Zai, U will be fine tomo just take one day at a time, or hour by hour.... Time soon passes just stay Strong and post often.... Good Luck Kaz :)


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