No Smoking Day
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The reasons why I have decided to embrace life


So, I'm now 11 days into my journey.

I've been a smoker for 11 years, started at the age of 31 as an act of rebellion and nothing more.

I have wanted to quit for a while. Each cigarette had made me feel guilty, ashamed and I stopped 'enjoying' them some time ago (in fact, unless I had a bottle of water, tea, coffee with me, I couldn't smoke as I would gag...nice).

As a mum, being so selfish to spend that money (£280 ish a month) and to know that I was upsetting my children, seems incredible.

I have had two previous attempts. I gave up when pregnant with my daughter and then for 3 weeks about 6 year ago.

This feels different.

I've spent time reading. I fully expect the psychological battle to be the hardest, but I have prepared.

I have carrot sticks on tap and a wonderful hubby to massage my feet!

My two (very) teenage boys are not giving me much encouragement and my 9 year old daughter has forgotten!

Right, enough drivel from me. Hopefully if I ever feel severely tempted, I can come back and read this and make the right choice.

I want this.

I can do this.

I deserve this.

Why pay for a slow death?

I did have a life before cigarettes.

I will have more of a life now.

This is a temporary adjustment period.

It takes 28 days to learn a new habit.

I am consciously incompetent.

It will not be long before I am consciously competent.

It will then not be long before I am unconsciously competent :-).


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Great Post:). I reiterate my last reply to you, you sound in a very good frame of mind, and that's the key. Well done Hun:)

Fi x



Great Post:). I reiterate my last reply to you, you sound in a very good frame of mind, and that's the key. Well done Hun:)

Fi x


Thank you! The support here is amazing and I want what you all have ;). X


Great post Shell, hope you're well! ;)


great post Shell :D

Good luck Hun xx


Thanks AngryBear and Sian.

Today has been really tough. Massively reduced the NRT, possibly at the time when the realisation has started to kick in with a vengeance.

Hubby got my a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and the children have all told me how well I'm doing.

I (rationally) know that this is the right thing, however the subconscious mind is having a say today.

I'm going to bed with a relaxation hypnosis download, I am in the early days of having taken on a new team at work and radically changing the way that they work, so need to find alternative ways to keep focused.

I will succeed.

I cannot continue to act so selfishly.

I don't want to give my children the legacy of smoking.

I don't want my children to have to worry about me.

I do want freedom.

I do want to wake up and not think about going outside.

I do want to give my body every chance to live to an old age.


You'll do it Shell - I'm a few days behind you but following you all the way :-)


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