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4months 14days

Hi all, so here I am nothing big to say, no anniversary to celebrate, no big hurdle past, but what I did today was fantastic for me. I have done 4 months and 14 days (my quit counter tells me) and today there were points when I thought about having a fag, but it was not a battle to say no, it was just normal to say no cause "I don't smoke".

I think I realised today, I no longer want a fag all the time, yes ok I still think about them, but I don't want one. I now have to come to terms with the no smoker Bev, she is different. For a start she is a bit fatter, (working on it), she has a quicker temper (live with it), she .........

I just stopped to think then and all the others things about this new Bev are positive.

She smells better, she looks better, her teeth are better, she can walk the dog without getting out of breath, her kids hug her and love it, her dad, uncle, sister, friends, are all very proud.

Every now and again I still think I want a cig, but every now and again I remember I don't, not anymore.

Thanks again for reading my rambles, to all the people who have got me here I raise a glass, to all the people that keep me coming back I raise a glass, to all the "newbies" who keep this site fab, (hic) there goes another glass, and especially to those who would love to see the back of me..... tough. I AM HERE TO STAY. (double hic)

God Bless you all, stay strong and remember,.....................(Sh*t what was i suppose to remember.......................

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It's only 4pm for me so can't quite start drinking yet.... but cheers to you for having gotten so far in your quit, Bev! It's going to get easier each week and before you know it, you'll have days you hardly think of them at all.....

..............and remember..... they are watching you :eek:


lol...... I think I just posted biggest picture ever posted on NSD!


Sh*t what was i suppose to remember.......................

The letter d :p

Good encouraging post Bev..... I miss them on and off, some times a lot but less and less... and like you wrote, it's the positives ........ they grow and fill the void :cool:

lol Bella, that picture is big ................. to say the least.


Good going Bev, I'm in the same boat as you and things are going well here too. Lets hope we continue to enjoy a quit thats become alot better and even a thing to look forward to everyday.:D


Hi Bev :D

Well done 4 1/2 months now

So pleased to hear that it's now becoming normal not to smoke


Marg xx


Every now and again I still think I want a cig, but every now and again I remember I don't, not anymore.

Hmmm....seems we have another success story on board :cool:


Bella, huge and scary, Pol indeed the letter d, now i remember!

Thomas, how strange it is to think it, but your right I am beginning to enjoy the quit.

Marg, as supportive as ever, it is fab now that not smoking is becoming normal but I know I still have to keep my guard up.

Cav, that is one of the reasons I posted. I think it is great when people post getting to certain dates but after a short while the big dates become further and further apart and we should celebrate every single day smoke free.

Thanks guys.


Well done Bev, every day is special for one reason or another, it is often the little things that mean the most.




Hello there - its so great to see this message - and that things are getting easier of you.

Sometimes it's these moments that can mean more than, say, hitting a major milestone - the realisation that "Yes - I am a non-smoker".

I'm 20 weeks today and do still think about them. However, it is getting to the stage where I sometimes only think about fags because I realise I haven't thought about them for hours!

Let's keep it going!


Its great when you get to this point.. yeah you will still have thoughts about smoking.. but not full on 'desire for a smoke' thoughts, just passing thoughts.. easy to deal with and they don't knock you on your backside like they used to either. You really feel just as you have that you have moved on to a new level of your quit and that things are beginning to normalise.

Our only major enemy is complacency and we just keep our guard up to that.

keep on going with this, its a far cry from where you were just prior to your last holiday where you were stressing like crazy over everything.. what a difference to now eh?!

nice to see things much easier now.. calmer waters etc.



God Bev, it feels like you've been here forever! Really chuffed for you now that you've got this far. 4 months and 14 days is actually quite exciting. Thats past the 1/3rd mark. Bloody well done you xx


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