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Morning to you all

Well today i start on the 10mg patchers so im i sure it will be ok,i cant wait till be of them alltogether as im sure they make me have mood swings BIG TIME.

Im not sure how long i will be on these 2 weeks i think she said then not sure if she cuts them down or stops them after that,but the phonix smoking woman said its best if i finish the course of patchers so that is what im doing.

So how is everyone today? what are you all doing this weekend? im not doing much this weekend weather not good at all here raining and blowing a gale and very very cold so got my fire lit and chilling for a bit till i got to pick my daughter up from her friends.

I may make some weight watchers 0 point soup today as i so need to get to goal before summer xx

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Hi Kay, as u come down the patches it does get easier.....

I didnt bother cutting them up, I just finished the course, and to my surprise not as bad as I thought. U are doing brilliant dont worry, dont think its patches that make u moody ha ha , its just an emotional journery at first when we quit. Have a brill weekend whatever u do, and stay strong.... Kaz ;)


You will be fine Kay, I recognise the feeling when reducing the patches but it was absolutely ok, a feeling of achievement as well.



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