No Smoking Day

All you Day 2ers

How are you going. I am feeling good this morning. I went and joined a gym yesterday so today I am off for my personnal workout plan then a swim and sauna. I will try anything to keep my mind off smoking.

The Champix are working. Really weird feeling though, you dont want to smoke but you can help but think about it.

So how are you all doing today?

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Wahay ive been waiting for you all morning missus PMSL :D

Glad your finding things to keep you occupied. Im doing ok. So far so good.

The nurse gave me some lozengers yesterday to use as well as the patches as and when i need them. But i dont plan on using them until i hit that dreaded 2nd week :o

Enjoy your day at the gym :)


So all three of you still going strong then - good stuff :)

Anyone else on day 2?


Oh i just see my signature still said i quit on the 21st so i just changed it rapidly haha.


Stop it! I'm going to get told off if I keep laughing at work! :D


Hi Mojo - Ye I think champix is similar to Zyban its a tablet with no nicotine in it does take the edge of withdrawal but like zyban can have side effects its also prescription only- it can be great though in the early stages.

Good luck with the quit:)



Sorry Sara I had to run round and tidy up my bomb site of a house first.

mojo jojo, Champix is not the same as Zyban No. I have read some nasty stuff about Zyban but all good about Champix.

It interfers with the receptors in the brain that crave nicotine so that you dont get cravings. I think Zyban is like a replacement of nicotine so i think that is the difference.

I had headaches for the first 3 days of taking Champix but apart from that its been all good. I am on day 8 of champix and quit on day 7. Day 5 and 6 the cigarettes tasted disgusting and i dont know why i was smoking them, i think its just habit i certainly didnt enjoy them.

I hadnt heard of Champix till i came on this forum, have a google and see what you think. xx


I m sure you will. xxx


Good luck you three stick together. Flippy. Sara. Mojo. GO GO GO .xxxxxxxx


My Day 2 too!

I'm signing on at the gym tomorrow so I've been out most of the day searching for a vaguely flattering pair of tracksuit bottoms... couldnt find any so settled for an ill fitting pair and a large t-shirt instead!

I've found retail therapy keeps my mind of fags, but i cant afford to do that everday!

Hopefully there'll be some fit male instructors down the gym to keep my mind off the fags tomorrow too!

I'll be spending the evening sewing weights into the hem of my t-shirt...

See you all on Day 3!


I don't think flattering gym wear exists - unless you're about 16 with a beautiful flat stomach and legs up to your ears. But having said that - once you get started it's surprising how little you worry about it. Get those endorphins going girl!

Hope your day 2 has been ok. :)


Flippy. Sara. Mojo. and lou!!!!!

Well done guys!! and all this sweaty activity too :D rock on!! :D

I for one am very impressed with you all x x x

Hope you are too ;)

~Buffy x x


OK here too.


Hi everyone

I'm on day two too. All ok so far.... feeling good.

I tried Zyban and had a really bad reaction - it was like being completely off my head, the room was spinning and i felt so out of control. I've gone back to the patches this time as they have worked best so far...(tried gum, hypnotism, Alan Carr, inhalator,patches, name it!)

Feeling really positive this time:)



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