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Happy Times

Day 5 things are going well.Should be day 12, had a blip last weekend while out drinking, not be doing that again.Don,t feel crap no more,will be happy when the old bowels start working again properly:o.i,m keeping away from thing that triggers the thought of smoking for a while but generally feel good.You guys hang in there i,m sure with time we will crack this together.BE HAPPY:)

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Hi Deano :D

That's great dat5 and feeling good just keepgoing and everything will sort itself out


Marg xx


well done deano getting straight back on your quit, have a great weekend



Hey Deano fantastic my man you are doing great and sound very positive.

I think you should say you're on day 12 with a small slip. I think you've earned that bonus.

Keep it up you are doing fandabiedosie.



Thanks for the support,yes jack i could say day 12, maybe in a months time ill had the days back on cheers all;)


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