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Education Links for day 1 - any thoughts?

Thought that I'd start a new thread to discuss and see what peoples thoughts were.

Me and tinkerbell were just discussing the merits of having a sticky post at the begging of day 1 that was a compilation of all the useful info that we have gathered during our quitting journeys.

We could all put the links we think should be on there in a thread (this one i guess) and then the Moderators could take all the links and put them in a sticky message at the top of room one? what do you think?

do you think it would help people to find the core info quickly or be a bit too overwhelming?

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I think you're more or less going along the right track here. But I think there should be a sticky thread on day one where any one can post on it.

It is not in my opinon that the mods need to take the links and set them up in a sticky thread there should just be a sticky thread at the start of day one and all can put a post on it with a link to what they think may help beginners. Or even just some information they think might help them.

If the mods think there is something not right with a link or the information they can remove it, they have the right to do this and would have my full support in doing so.

I know when I came on here I was already at about 3 weeks into my quit and I had to look around for these links. It would have been much easier for me if they had been all in one place.

I still have not found all the links that could have and still could help me now.



now i totally agree on this. There has been many folk come onto these forums and post some absolute gems of posts across probably some years now, and due to lack of replies to such posts they tend to get lost in the ether and one would hope never got 'pruned' from the forum once they reach a certain age.

The information imho is still valid to every smoker wanting to quit and everyone here who has quit too. It is always going to be beneficial information and this forum is a mine of information if you search hard enough for it.

A list of informative and helpful posts summarised in perhaps a locked thread, or a thread which is maintained well by us folk would help, but if it was stickied too then this would help many folk out alot, particularly if they are going through an 'hour of need' moment where the right words being read at that time may prevent a relapse (for example)

This gets my vote.



Defintly bman. I have also posted to Jack't thread in day 1.

This should defintly happen as Jase said people have posted great posts.

They should be some sticky for newebies and perhaps those who need to reinforce their quit. It will benefit all of us at some stage, I'm sure.

How do you get a response from these mods or how do you go about it?


Hi All

Scuse me for buttin in, but this is not a new idea. We used to talk at length and tried to get stickies but nought happened.

It is however an excellent idea. As well as the websites link and book in my sig there are loads of excellent informative posts buried in this place.

Search for posts started by Catwoman and ausinlegro. Most of these make excellent reading and help to put your mind in the right place.

The best tip I can give is simply Do Not Smoke, worked for me ;):D


Indeed and many many folk have also posted since.. and still post even now with really supportive information too... definitely good reason not to lose them by at least summarising them in one post and stickied (if possible) how hard can it be.. a tick in a box once in edit mode and changed to sticky.


Ok this has had "sign off" from the Moderators - so unless anyone's got objections I vote we start adding them this thread, then when we seem to have collected the bulk of what we think is useful for new starters then I'll copy and paste them into a "super list" in a week or so, so people dont have to scroll through hundereds of individual posts and then the mods can "sticky" it. oh yeah, this is on a trial basis as well for now.

so lets be 'aving ya. throw up to the front :D

any old dimonds in the rough - the links from our signatures, stuff in our browsers bookmarks, memorable favorites, any thing that is of good value, etc


Are the links to be just nsd thread links or links to offsite helpful resources (eg. the you come too link in chrissies signature, and the handy links in mine.. and indeed other forum users too?)


I don't have anything to add but this is a great idea! It's really helpful, especially at first, to have lots of things to read when you get a craving to remind you why you are doing this.


I know this is mine but it may help them that struggle to quit.

I'd just like to say thanks for all the links that have been put on here.



Chrissie, I'm sorry it looks like this has been left to you all on your own. I'll look around over the weekend and see what I can find.

Jack xx


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