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7days smoke free and feeling great!!!!!!!!


Yes I've completed my 1st milestone and have been smoke free for 1 whole week as of 4pm today and am feeling fantastic and extemely proud. No craving's or weird dreams, even encountered being with somebody that smokes today and wasn't craving one, that's a good sign isn't it?.

I would like to thank all fellow members for there support and encouragement especially when I have been feeling low as your words have kept me on track.

I'm now looking forward to achieving my next milestone week 2, so here I go.....

Keep up the great work everyone...

sharon x:)

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Hi Shaz!

We did it... one week under our belts and here's to week 2. I shall have a celebratory piece of chocolate for both of us!


Milestone Reached, and Trigger Overcome....

Hi Sharon

What a Day, you have hit a milestone and having a smoker at your house is sometimes a trigger, but both completed and behind u now....

So proud of you my friend, know how difficult it has been at times for u this week..... Keep going strong, soon be onto your next milestone....

Back to work tomo and should make it easier....

Well done also to Cabinfever....

Keep up the good work Kaz xx:p

Shaz keep going week 2 will soon be thee


Thank you

Thanks guys for your support again.

Well done cabinfever on reaching the 1 week mile stone too, here's to us both getting to week 2.

Still feeling good and confident that I'll quit for good.:)


Quit for Good...

U HAVE QUIT FOR GOOD... Ha ha No pressure Kaz xx;)

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