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Smoking and the Weather

Strange how it gets you. From my office I can see the main road, and the snow all around. (yes, ok, I don't have enough to do today). I had a fleeting thought of how many fags it'd take me to get home because of the snow. Got to admit, this isn't the first time the car time/number of ciggies equation has crossed my mind this week. Strange, and slightly worrying, how the nico-demon lurks looking for any chink.

If you're from 'up north' and wondering "huh, a bit of snow, and?" - remember, I'm in Essex and anything more than 3 flakes of snow is a worry, a centimeter is a national disaster, and more than 48 hours of the stuff on the ground calls for emergency evacuation to Spain or somewhere warm. :p

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Check out the snow we have in Northumberland Dave - know what you mean though - I'm suffering from cabin fever at the moment. Photos in my albums and on the Octoquits forum!


I sure like the sound of the evacuation idea, sick of the white stuff.



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