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Still hanging in there!

Good morning everybody. I am amazed at how easy this whole quit thing has been. Am I going to get hit between the eyes somewhere down the line?

This is day 17 for me. I went from 3 packs a day to the patch for 15 days then a day and a half ago I took the patch off and said NO MORE!! I was having vivid dreams plus the rash from the patch.

I wish everyone luck in the quit and just hang in there as this is possible....ppat

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Its a great feeling isnt it :D

Makes you wonder why you didnt do it years ago ;)


Hanging but by a thread!!!

Hi there,me again!! I am , well me and the hubby are, day 17 of CT and have found relatively easy until yesterday!!!! The biggest blowout we have ever had!!!..I actually stormed out and got in the car and drove a 70 mile round trip for absolutely no reason apart from a need to calm down and that need not to reach for a smoke!!!

I am pleased to say that i did not succumb to the nicotine devil!!!

Today has been hard also and I think it should be easier by now?????

Feeling quite despondent today and not really sure why I feel like this!! The slightest thing is upsetting me and I have that itchy need in me again that I have not had for a while now,you know what I mean by itchy if you are at the same quit stage that we are at,that need to have a puff itchy!!!

I am determined not to do it,it has taken too long and too far to get here and I do not want to be taking a step all the way back to day 1 which is what it will be if I have that puff!!!

Anyway thats my little rant over with, I feel a bit better thanks people and all I need is a decent nights sleep.

Good luck quitters



Jackie, hang in there. Do not give up. I am fighting my own demons....eating.....The last 2 days I have been eating until my stomach hurts and then eat some more.

If it was always easy it wouldn't be worth doing. I have faith in you. The drive was good for you and just what you needed at the time. Keep up the great work and when you go to bed at night just tell yourself, I did it!! One more day smoke free.!! And in the morning wake up and say NOPE...Not one puff ever! ppat


Thank you for your kind words of support.

I know it is all mind over matter and I know I can do it,I think we all fight our own demons and that they blast us all times of the day and make us into the strangest people!!!

Good luck ppat and once again,ty





Day 17 does not want to end. Can not get to sleep. I have battled a headache all day long plus a couple of strong urges. I guess I am afraid to go to sleep and wake up with another headache. The urge to smoke...ha, I can ignore that. My OH smokes and it don't bother me very much. When I feel the urge I will tell him and he will get away from me if he is smoking.

So, at midnight does it become day 18 or is it still the 17th day until I sleep? ppat


Pat try cutting the patch in half and using it. it will reduce the vivid dreams and your chance of failing. It will not hurt to give it a try!:)

It's much better that the starting-again option:eek:


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