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Finished the course

That's it, my non-smoking nurse has abandoned me! I've completed the (Champix) course :) I can call them if I have to, and there's also the NHS phone line for critical moments.... but really "you should be ok now - it takes 12 weeks to break the habit and you've done it".

Somehow it seems a bit of a let down. No certificate, or the doctor rushing in to shake my hand, or a peck on the check from the nurse ;) She did seem genuinely pleased for me though - and then admitted that she's a 'social smoker' - I really don't know how anyone can do that (although I do actually know one).

BTW - I haven't actually finished the Champix - I've got 7 days worth left plus a perscription for another 14 days..... I did just ease off on the tablets quite early as the side-effects were getting in the way of me geeting on with things.

So, having conquered ciggies (according to the NHS), what next? Fix the economy, world peace?

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Well done - you be in the next month in no time.

Am curious she reckons 3 months, mostly heard that it takes a year - for a full cycle of behaviours to be overcome?

You've got the forum too.



She did seem genuinely pleased for me though - and then admitted that she's a 'social smoker' - I really don't know how anyone can do that (although I do actually know one).

Ohhh I'd have wanted to poke her in the eye - I'd like to be one of those but know I can't - all or nothing

You can't fix the economy or achieve world peace...... what would we have to moan about if you sorted those out?

How about training for a half marathon or better still...... one of those grueling 5 mile fun things (fun?) I've actually been thinking about a 5 mile fun thing but only thinking mind you.

All the best with going it alone Dave - well, you have us so your not quite alone but I'm sure you'll do just grand

All the best

Pol x


That's great more champix!!! I abandoned mine early as they were sending me doo lally and 2 weeks later I'm just about feeling normal now....I just have to apologise to the whole family and my neighbours now :rolleyes:

I also felt a bit let down once I felt I'd mastered the quit....I wanted someone to present me with a trophy, with fireworks and the whole city to applaud me but nothing of the sort...just 18 bloody pounds of lard to get rid of....hmphf!

Take this virtual trophy from me Dave and stick it on your mantel won't even collect dust! :D


Well done Dave and welcome to the CT club....actually I never noticed the difference between being on Champix and coming off....

Nurse....I feel a Jack scream coming on.....WTF...that makes me sooooo mad.

Any way congrats Dave no get on with sorting out the economy...I'll vote for you...xx


Fantastic Dave, however I was surprised you never got the full works like me, such as the marching band, flowers, chocolate, holiday for 2 in the Maldives blah blah. I was slightly embarassed really but it was nice of them:D

On a more serious note, I am really pleased one of us completed the course and I think it would be a good idea to do a Champix thread in day one Dave with your experiences for the newbie's.

Like JJ and think I came off Champix too quickly and had a complete Champix breakdown but I stayed on the straight and narrow and I could not of done with without Champix (and you strange Octo lot).

Anyway for your next trick what about the economy, I believe Brown needs help (or a poke in the eye):rolleyes:


Thanks guys - I do know that the Champix got me off them, but the Octoquits (and others) have got me here.

Trophy is in pride of place, thanks JJ.

World peace next I think, at least there's some hope of achieving that.

And the other good things about not smoking, we're not paying that ciggy tax any more!!!!


Well done Dave off the champix and going it alone


Hi Well done. I think you deserve a marching band, it's probably just held up in the snow. I didn't have a problem coming off Champix. In fact, I only ever had a six week supply which I spread out over about two(ish) months. Didn't like the side effects, particularly dreams and nausea feelings, but, bio, was it worth it.

Champix certainly got me off the cigarettes, but it was definitely the Octoquitters who've kpet me off them.



Well done Dave. I am really, really please and proud for you.

Them smoking nurses (in my experience) a pretty useless. This is my opinion but I found them pretty unsupportive.

What about Dave for PrimeMinister - it has a nice ring to it? :D

Really well done though matey.

Tinks xx


Hi Dave, and congratulations!!!!

You have already done the most difficult part of your try. Of course we shouldn't forget that we are still under a transitional period and we're still vulnerable. That's why we shouldn't believe that now we can smoke "just one" or that we can become "social smokers". Some people (a few) manage it, we don't !!!

For me, the trick is not to think so much about the cigarettes, and try to do other things during the day... such us exercise. I strongly believe that exercise is the only thing that we can't combine with smoking.

The most important is to remember that we don't smoke NOTHING anymore!!!


Wow Dave three months - brilliant and I'm not too far behind you!


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