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Christmas Success and Positivity!

Hi All!!!

Hope you had a superbly fantastic Christmas and are all patting yourselves on the back at a smoke free event..... I certainly am!

This Christmas was the first chuff free event in around 15 years....

Blimey O'Crikey i thought before the event... it'll not be easy!

I surprised myself however with the ease of how it felt to just not smoke.... I felt like a non smoker.... with just one serious pang which was after Christmas Dinner..... Post that all was well once more...

I've enjoyed this Christmas more than i have any for years!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful time too!

Love, Positivity and happy thoughts

Zozie xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hi Zozie :D

I'm so pleased you only had one pang after Xmas dinner weel doen you and also glad you enjoyed yourself

I had a lovely Xmas thanks


Marg xx



Really good to read your post there, the after chistmas dinner smoke was probably quite the ritual for you for years as a 'pat on the back, thats christmas done' reward kind of thing.. so the pang you got was probably a good thing for you. Helps you realise that your still quitting, but quite successsfully i'd say!!!

You get a bit of an 'i've done it!!!' moment right there, and it feels great doesn't it !!

So well done, and i wish you a very very happy and smoke free new year too!



Thanks Marg and Jase!!!

and it sure does feel good!

Your stars for your support through the trying times... very much appreciated!

*cheesey Griiiiin* xxxx


Christmas triggers......

I ahve been quit (this time) for six weeks and although i thought it would be hard, it hasn't been as bad as i thought. There is always the wine/booze trigger and the "I'm having a good holiday time-A fag would make it just perfect" trigger"

But hey, we got through it....My first xmas smoke free ( I would be happy but am having a slight downer today, and weirdly a few odd thoughts of them)


Hi Jude!!! Well done to you too on surviving the Christmas season!!!!

I think its quite a biggie, what with all the beer and so******ing time... i remember getting through quite a chunk of the yukky stuff.... I also remember my annual Festive Chest infection too... which i've not had this year!! hoorah!

Lets keep going Jude and get this licked on this attempt!!!

Thanks for your post

Zozie :D xxxx


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