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Soon be going into Month 3

Has anyone found this late on in the quit they still get mood swings or is it just me and all my problems at home?

Im so pleased that i have come this far and i do intend to stay that way but i still have a odd few bad days when i feel very low and down i think its cause my o/h smokes and his son (may i say outside) i feel like i am missing out on a social thing as mad as it sounds.

My o/h said i resent him for smoking but i try and tell him no way do i.

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How my quit buddy Dave doing i havent herad from him :(


Hi Kay :D

Well done you almost 2 months done and dusted already that's great Big Hug coming your way

It's entirely possible to still get mood swings from time to time but agree this is not helped by problems at home

Kay you're missing nothing social or otherwise in fact just the reverse

You're gaining so much not least freedom from addiction not to mention your health and having more cash in your pocket

Keep Going you're doing great


Marg xx


Hi Kay

Still here, still not smoking. I'm still getting some urges to smoke. Nothing like the craves of the early days, but I keep telling myself that "I can smoke anytime I want to" - and so far, that's been ok for me.

Starting to come off the Champix, mainly by forgetting to take them.


Hi Kay

I still occasionally get the odd urges but they pass by pretty quick on the whole, except the evenings. Those craves linger a little longer but I just get busy and distract myself.

It's the habit smokes that are harder to ignore , the smokes we associate with certain things like after eating, whilst watching TV or reading or have just finished washing up and it's our little reward/time out smoke.

It's normal for these to be around but they do continue to lesson, for my they are anyway and with these carvings can come some ups and downs.

Think back though Kay, do these mood swings feel as strong as those in the early weeks? Hopefully they are weaker and not so often for you.

My OH still smokes but only two or so some evenings and in the house. I don't have a problem with that and if I do feel a little longing for a smoke come along, then I'm out of the room when he lights up.

I've told him it's my quit to deal with and he shouldn't change his ways.

Tell your OH that yes, at times you do miss smoking but you don't resent him smocking. I wish smoking wasn't bad for our health, I miss it on a certain level and always will, but don't resent those that still smoke.

Anyway Kay, great to see you, and of course Dave too, so near to completing your two months of not smoking.

What a lovely way to finish 2009 :)

All the best



Kay you are doing so well, you have had some hard times to get through, be very proud of yourself you will succeed regardless of what happens around you.



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