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Really Happy Bunny

Today I am a happy bunny. This is day number 24 of not smoking. The reason I am posting this message is, --- I had a girly night out last night and it was the first night out since I have stopped smoking:):) I felt good because I didn't even think about having one nor going outside in the cold for a puff!!.

I did feel nervous before I went out because of not smoking. I thought I would cave in espeically with the alcohol in take but I didn't.:cool:.

I am going out for a meal later with my family and I feel comfortable about going out now.

I feel quite proud of myself for not having a puff!!!

Best wishes to everyone.

Julie E

This little add on message is for my twin. DAY NUMBER 24. I thought I could do it hun xxxx

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Hi Julie :D

Good girl day 24 that's great and well done for last night as well not even thinking about having one

You have every right to be a happy bunny today and you should be very proud

Enjoy the meal with your family and I'm really pleased to hear you feel comfortable about going out now

Love and a Hug

Marg xx



Hi Marareth

Just recieved your love and hugs. Thank You.:):)

Julie E xx



hey twiny

u done realy well wowowowowooooooo

ur 24 im 25

another day almost over, soon be 2 months



Good for you Julie, 24 days and a good smokefree night out. I'm not preaching love, but don't get complacent, remember that "Nicodeamon" is just waiting to pounce, be on your guard. Well done. David


YAY for smoke free nights out!!! I just managed a smoke free traffic crisis!!

God we are good! lol!!!

Hope you had a really lovely meal with your family too


More love and hugs



Hi Pink Mink

Glad you managed smoke free traffic crisis. Another problem solved without reaching for a smoke!!!!

Had nice meal with family without a crave and no thought of having a ciggy!! although husband and brother-in-law smelt stinky when they came in from a smoke!!.:eek:

I can't believe how well we are all doing.

Thanks to everyone who supports us and help us.:)

Speak soon.

Julie E:D


Well done Julie, I have reached day 26 and yesterday ended up stuck in snow for 2hrs and struggled kicking snow from under the car. It took me close on 1hr to get up a hill and I did not smoke even though I was very stressed. So you and I deserve a pat on the back.


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