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Hi to you all

How are all you oct quitters doing? i havent been on for a few days as i have been so busy.Yesterday i ended up going to Lincoln market and it was a nice day but very very busy like shoulder to shoulder but it was a nice day out with my friend.O/h stayed at home boring.Today i have got a big family party at 4pm my nieces 2 so the whole family are having a get together about 20 of us so that will be nice and guess what me and my daughter hoing o/h dont want to go he very rare goes anywere with me but no i have decided all cause he dosent it isint going to stop me doing the things i wnat to do.

Well the none smoking is going great,do have my monemts when i think about them but i am trying to keep focused which is very hard some times :confused:

How is my quit buddy doing Dave are you ok?

Anyway better get my bum into gear and have a shower,hope you all have a great day :)

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Hey Kay, glad you had such a fab day out....this quitting lark is truely turning into life changing for you me thinks.

You go hun...stronger every day..

Big Hugs



Hi Kay :D

I'm so pleased you enjoyed you day out to the market

Glad thr quit is going well for you as well and well done deciding to do the things you want for you


Marg xx


Hi Kay

Sooooooooooooooo pleased you went to the market after bet it done you good. Your doing great hunnie cos you have not had an easy time. Enjoy your family get together just think no out in the cold for a smelly fag.xxxx


Hi Kay, Glad You went to Lincoln Market,


Lincoln market is lovely, haven't been for years, but glad you went and had a lovely time. Hope the party was good too. ;)


Hi Kay

Nice to see you my lovely. Dave has flu (but not man flu) or it might be just a very, very bad hangover!!


Great to see you making all these decisions for a happy day for yourself, keep going you will reach your goal for sure.



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