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Soon be month 2

Morning eveyone hope you all are doing good, i will soon be moveing into month 2 :p on ummmmm 28th Nov and counting, at work all day today so thought i would pop on quick to say hi

I went to weight watchers last night and lost another pound wish it was more as i needed a pound and half :mad: to get my stone and half but never mind hopefully next week not bad thought in 6 weeks and packing up smoking i just wish people around me would praise me more rather than give me s**t all the time but i will get there.

How is my quit buddy Dave? hope you away trip is going well

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Kay, well done on the losing weight as well as giving up smoking. Very impressed!

I will be following you to month 2 a couple of days behind you :D


That's fab, nearly month 2! Don't let ar*seholes get to ya, the world is full of idiots, ignore 'em! ;)


Kay I think losing weight as well as giving up smoking is a tremendous achievement, you have my total admiration. Have you really lost 20lb in 6 weeks ????

I am going back to slimming world this week, been a target member for over 2 years but am not anymore !!! Have gained 8lb in 3 weeks of not smoking so need to address that.

Good luck and well done



Hi Kay :D

Well done you both the non smoking and the weightloss is great keep going

You're going to need a new dress for Christmas for the new you


Marg xx


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