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Sorry I have Missed you All!!!

Hi all

Sorry i've not been on here for the last few weeks, our lap top has been totally buggered and in and out of repair. Anyway congratulations to all of us who have reached the 6 week mark. I just cant believe it:D:D:D.

Last week was a turning point for me when there seemed to be a little light at the end of the tunnel. I have really struggled with quitting, it has taken the stuffing out of me for the last 6 weeks. I know i will never put myself through this again.

I cant say i feel much healthier yet and i've got the pleasure of being 9lb heavier:( Ive set myself the task of trying to lose it ALL this week (maybe i will need to cut a leg off)

Anyway i think we have all got loads to be proud of whatever stage we are at. I love not having to go and buy them and worrying if i've got enough to last me until the morning. Its bloody fab.

My hubby still hasnt packed in yet, i think that maybe that may have motivated me to stay stopped (what a smug cow) I am hoping that soon he will have a ago because i know he can. The thought of being back at day one again, is unbearable. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I would love to hear how everyone else is doing.

A Great big hug and pat on the back to you all.



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Hi Jane :D

Well done on your 6 weeks smoke free that's great and sorry about the laptop problems

I'm really pleased to hear that you're beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel and you'll feel the benefits very soon

Don't fret about the weight just now one thing at a time eh and as your metabolism stabilises again it off again OK


Marg xx


Hi Jane#

Good to hear from you again and good that you're still going strong. You're a Octoquitter! Join the gang.



Hi Jane

Wonderful to hear your still going strong, congratulations for surviving through those first few weeks..... and I'm with you in not wanting or planning to ever go through that again. The ups and downs are rather, well, up and down :) But I feel it's levelling out .... for longer periods at a time now :)

My OH is still smoking the odd one or two most evenings. He did actually go without the first few evenings of my quit and had his smokes outside but then he started smoking in the living room again. I don't mind.... there were a couple of times I asked him to take the papers and tobacco away out of sight but I can walk past it and not be bothered now.

Good luck with reducing the weight gain, especially with Christmas fast approaching. Don't know about the leg loss approach though ;)

All the best to you with continued smoke freedom




how do i join the octquitters?

ive been off line for too long and cant remember how to do anything!!!!! I need simple instructions though please of where i go to join the gang. lol



hope this works.... click on the link and look for the Group Name


Hi Jane I've missed you, can you believe we have made it this far. You and I doubted we would make a week. Shame hubby is still smoking as that must be hard so fair play to you my love. Well done!!


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