Missed you all! Oh and day 21. Huzzah! I'm free!

Hello lovely people,

Somehow, with all your lovely support, despite some very hairy moments, I have managed to reach 21 days smoke free.

That is 21 days stink free and now cough free! Huzzah!

I am really delighted. I've been sort of waiting for a magic moment when the realisation hits - when I know for sure I'm free from the darn ciggies. Then I reminded myself that I'm already free. I've been free from the day I quit and I'll be free for as long as I want. It's now in my control!

I still have the odd times when the thought, the addiction, invades my head, but hey ho! Nothing is easy in life. As somebody very wise on this forum said (though I can't remember who - you are all very wise!) I will not be beaten by a PLANT! Ha! How very true.

So how are all my fellow new years quitters?



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  • Hey Nik, huge well done getting to day 21 you little star :D

    I love your posts, they're so positive they lift everyone's spirits. I reckon you're going to sail through this with an attitude like that, too right you're in control :)


    Molly x

  • Aww! Thanks Molly!

    That's very sweet, Molly. Thanks so much!

    It's peeps like you that have kept me going. I am thinking positively because of all the "glass half full" attitude that's brimming in this forum.

    Mwah to you all!



  • :) well done Nik on getting to day 21. Jacqui

  • Nice one shoegal......my only issue at the moment is I am becoming a little too friendly with a different type of plant.......tea........oh......and custard filled doughnuts........

  • May need these!

    i don't think I'll hold off much longer, Lostie - not now I've seen these:


    My calculations show I need to wait another three months before i can get them!

    Thanks Max, and Fleetwood, you two seem to be preparing the path ahead for me! We are so close to a month aren't we?

    Ramasus! Custard doughnuts? Arrgh! I could kill one (or even a bag of six!)



  • Hahaha, Lostie! I haz a plan!

    Well, Lostie, I did consider those points myself.

    I can find the same boots in grey and black on javari but they are £360 - a lot of money and its actually the blue ones I have fallen in love with.

    So after spending a considerable amount of time on the internet, i have found them in Austria! Here!


    *cackles* *they WILL be mine*

    And they are in the sale, which means I may be able to get them sooner. Still, if I don't get them soon enough to wear, i will still be able to admire them in their box until next year! LOL



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