No Smoking Day
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Day 3 again due to a miscalculation!

I downloaded the ticker yesterday and it says I'm just coming up to day 3 now which I thought was yesterday!!

Anyway, I gave up on Monday, and today is Thursday so this is my 4th day, so there!! I'm not discouraged by realising my mistake, doing well whatever the day is. I just keep thinking woo hoo, I'm doing something I never thought I could do and hey, I'm actually doing it, yay me!!

Bought some fresh grapefruit juice and some cranberry juice as treats during the day. Also the Nurse at the stop smoking clinic suggested nibbling on sunflower seeds and they are nice. Also bought another two large bags of assorted lollies and sorted out the ones I dont like for the grandchildren who have told me they like this giving up smoking idea as I never used to eat sweets at all before.

Hope everyone is doing well, looking forward to hearing your tips too. With love, Vivienne. x :)

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Hi Vivienne :D

You quit Monday so this is day 4 WOW that's great

You should be able to reset your ticker/quitkeeper but if not let me know and I'll gibe you the link for the one I use which I know you can adjust as I didn't have one for several weeks after I quit


Marg xx


Yes please Marg, I would love the link to the ticker you have, thanks a lot. xx


I know how special one day of quit more is to you.

Damned technology stuffing up your mind. Hope you get that correction sorted out.

If it is some consolation, one day either side won't matter after your month is passed. After one month you won't be counting days.


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