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Lozengers slightly making inside of mouth sore

Welcome Day 6!! I feel great and I feel in control! Thank you to all your kind words on my other posts. And if anyone is new at this...hang in there it does get easier with each passing day. You are in one of the best places for support. You will find that you just love coming here.

My question of the day is for those of you who have used the lozengers if they have made your mouth a littlel sore. Mine is not terribly bad but I can feel just a little soreness in my mouth where I put my lozenger. I am on day 6 with using them and I only use about 4-5 a day. Is this something that will go away or do I need to think about trying a different method. I really would hate to stop these because it is working so well for me and I don't want to ruin anything but I just hope this soreness goes away and doesn't get worse.

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Hi Wsmith :D

Sorry I can't help with your question re lozenges as I have never used them but I expect someone will be along who had to help with this

There are several on here that are or have used them I know

I just wanted to say well done almost a week for you now that's great

I'm so pleased to hear that you feel great and in control also that it's getting easier for you now


Marg xx


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