No Smoking Day
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day 12 now finally through the shredder

day 12 is over and i am doing a countdown to my birthday as each month draws neaer for some odd reason,

today has been awaful but plesant.

awaful because i got a letter from college

plesant because NO MUM YAY, i have done nothing but play ps3 from 8am - 9pm

watched tethal weapon 4 on channel 5 then the sexy ad show afterwards (which is a good laugh)

glad to see the end of day 5 as im sitting here typing this sighing dreading monday

this has been proper hard for the past 6 - 7 weeks for me so im definatly happy ive made it this far even though during that time i did let 1 slip round my mates by accident (13 days ago now), so im back again on week 2 lol (if any of that last paragraph makes any sence)

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Hi Geoff :D

Great 12 days done almost two weeks finished keep it going

So a letter from the college made it an unpleasant day for you just tell the truth about what happened OK

But pleasant as Mum was away and you got to play ps3 all day HA HA

You should be proud of getting this far smoke free as I know it's been a difficult few weeks for you


Marg xxx


thanks marg!

by the way i read the letter wrong, its monday 23rd, phew thats a relif


Hi Geoff :D

So another week for you to prepare eh that's good


Marg xx


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