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Day 14 and finally broken through the wall - what a relife!

hey folks...

haven't been around much over the last 48 hours because I did finally hit the quit wall... I felt so awful for about 3 days I just felt that curling up in front of the TV and shutting the world out was the only way I was gonna get through it... Although there was no danger of me buying any fags I had got to the " whats the point in this" phase. I just kept saying to myself that I needed to push through the temporary discomfort, and I would feel the high of coming out the other side of it all.

Anyway, the cravings are pretty much back under control. I went food shopping in sainsbury's this morning, usually a flash point for stress, but I felt really chilled.... don't know if thats anything to do with not smoking, but it was enjoyable for once. When I got back I had lunch and there wasn't the mid-meal craving, Lovely.:D

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Brilliant - so glad you're feeling better!

I'm still having crave days - today is one of them, I think it's the miserable bloody weather - but I know I can get through it and things will be better tomorrow. And I know a fag won't make it stop raining, won't make me less tired, basically won't fix any of the bad stuff but will just make it worse!

Positive mental attitude. Woop, woop, woop!



i know what you mean about that wall, been there before and you DO feel so much better on the other side of it.

keep going!!


i know what you mean about that wall, been there before and you DO feel so much better on the other side of it.

keep going!!strangely, mine took ages to come... I was expecting it in the first week not the second... today is MUCH better though.

well done to you btw, stay strong. :)


Well done folks, NFG when you look at your quit as 'what's the point' perhaps if that thought arises again you could reverse that thought to 'what's the point in smoking'?

I've been through those early months on many occassions & usually hit a brick wall at around month 3 :o this is time is my last though as I will do it ;) I had a relapse for a month so started my quit from day 1. That relapse made me realise that life not smoking is a zillions times better than life smoking. I cannot see what smoking did for me or how it made my life any better - a slave to an addiction, that's all I was.

Great stuff all and I wish you all the success with your quits

Tinks xx


Well done vicky for staying so strong it does sometime feel such a long process to quit but really it's not - wish I could if done this years ago! Keep up the great work and make sure you give yourself a big reward for this week !!!

Sue x


Glad things are getting easier, Vicki. :)


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