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Day before Quit Day!

Hi guys, Well I am on Day 9 of Champix, the day before Quit Day and I am feeling really nauseous :(

Can someone tell me if the side effects of Champix get better as the thought of feeling like this for 3 months fills me with dread. I also have the nasty taste in my mouth which is really getting me down.

Don't worry I feel very strong about quitting still but these side effects are really horrible.

I have my appointment today with the Nurse at the Non smoking Clinic, so that should help me focus again :)

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Hi Michelle

Good luck with the quit. I found Champix to be great in terms of 'doing what it says on the tin', but most people do suffer some side effect. Nausea, horrible taste in your mouth, change in sleep patterns and weird dreams seem to be the most common. And also mood swings.

Hopefully you'll be able to manage the side-effects as the rewards are so great. They do seem to get better. Definitely try eating something before you take the tabs, that usually helps with the nausea. After I'd been on it for about four weeks I cut right down as I felt it had given me a head-start and I was sick of feeling sick and tired.

Good luck



Thanks Sue, I appreciate that .. I will probably keep going with the Champix for the time being and when I feel strong enough to cut down I'll do that. Thanks so much for replying :)


hey Michelle.. I had some pretty strong side effects with the Champix at first too, especially when I moved upto the 2 blue pills a day.. after about 3 or 4 days on the 2 blue pills a day I had to cut it down to 1 blue pill a day which was much better.. I'm now down to 1/2 blue pill a day on day 16 of not smoking and that works very well for me.

I would consider maybe adjusting your doasage a bit if you continue to have problems, maybe best to talk to your GP about it if they dont clear up in a week or so after stopping smoking.

Remember that the first few days of stopping smoking can be a bit rocky (concentration problems, mood swings etc.), I really wasnt sure how much of this was down to the champix or the lack of ciggies but either way it does pass so hang in there.

good luck!


Thank you for replying :), yes I will carry on I think for one more week and if the sickness continues I'll ask if I can cut down a bit..

Yes I am ready for the concentration problems, that normally gets me first. Oh well it should be fun trying to work especially as I am a stand in Supervisor at the moment whilst my own Sup is on holiday :confused:


Hi Michelle :D

Well done you ready to quit tomorrow look forward to that as the first day of your smoke free life

The nausea you're feeling at the moment may be down to the fact that you're still smoking with the champix I had that badly the last couple of days before I stopped and then it really eased off

If it really gets you down or you're worried about it go back to the Doc/nurse they should at least be able to give you something to help with it


Marg xx


Hello Michelle

It's such a big step but the rest of us are proof that it works but that first step is scary!! I never had the bad taste thing but I know many of them on here have.

Deep breaths today, buy mints, lollies and have a plan for tomorrow. Get yourself out of the house and keep yourself busy. Paint your toe nails, have a bath, pamper yourself and you will be ok.

Good luck


Thank you so much Marg and Christine, I really appreciate all your help through this battle :p I'm pleased to report that the sickness has disappeared for the moment


Good luck for tomorrow Michelle - you sound like you're ready to do it, and you can. Look how many of us have done it already. Stopping does change your life. No more shivering outdoors, no more checking you've got a pack and a lighter with you all the time, no more buring £5 or more every day - the list goes on even without the health benefits.

One recommendation, these forums, read a lot and let people know how you're getting on - it does help to know you're not the only one going through this.


Thanks Dave :) I will definitely take your advise..It'll be nice not to be shivering outside on my tea breaks.. Just to let you all know.. I had my carbon monoxide test and it was 9 :) It was 17 last week :p


Sometimes for the nausea it's not just a case of eating with them but eating something substantial that fills you up beforehand. When I take mine in the morning I find that eating a couple of bananas and toast first of all helps to prevent the nausea.


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