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Day 4

Today has not been so bad, though I am slightly disappointed as I expected it to be easier as the dreaded 72 hours have passed. I've kinda burnt out the evangelical zeal I had at first, though am still trying to stay positive. I'm looking forward to the day when I don't think about fags at all and this is all part of my past. My mood has been swinging a little.

Anyway I found this on you tube and it cracked me up

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Day 4 on your way a to a full week, well done.

You are right the nicotine is now out of your body, so it is now a matter of dealing with the mental side of the quit. Take some time to read the links in peoples sigs, it will help.

It does get easier, one day at a time.

As for the mood swings, I would not know anything about that, as people will tell you I am the most stable person around here,

OH YES I AM:eek:

love the link!:D


Gambit. I found days 3/4 the absolute toughest so far, just keep it going and I am sure it will become easier for you.


The war with the adiction will be big take It slow and one day at a time ,

What you think and all this mood change , is happening because you quit !

It will be over soon , just stay strong.


Hi Gambit :D

Well done getting to day 4 and pleased it wasn't quite as tough for you yesterday

The mood swings are normal as is thinking about fags this early in a quit

It will pass though Promise and it does get much easier as well this can be a real roller coaster as we all fight for freedom from this addiction we all have

Just keep going and soon you'll find you think about them less often and one day you'll suddenly realise Hey I haven't thought about them for hours and then it will be days and so on until all you get are little fleeting thoughts now and then usually when you do something you associate with smoking for the first time since quitting

Just be patient and give your body time to heal itself from the abuse you gave it through smoking it will heal but it does take time OK




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