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No Smoking Day
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Tough Weekend

I had a bit of a tough weekend this weekend, Bought my wife a Digital SLR for her birthday so she dragged me out around the local parks taking photo's. Not sure why but it was a massive trigger for me. She was running around taking pictures while I was just wandering around enjoying the winter sun craving like a mad man.

Then on Sunday I just lost it in the park walking my dogs, for about 2 hours was the grumpiest I've ever been without really knowing why.

Anyway I got a grip of myself, busied myself in the garden raking leaves and before I knew it I'd come out of the otherside.

This weekend I learned that no matter how strong the craving you just have to sit it out and before you know it its passed.

Hope all the OctoQuitters made it though to a new week

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Hi, Grrr - just wrote you a big post and lost it. Grrr. Starting again.

Well done for getting through the craving. Now you've done it this time, you know you can beat it next time and it does get easier and easier.

Good to see you're still here and strong. I think all our team is.

Had a good weekend. Curry with a friend on Friday, friends round Saturday and Sunday, footie in pub on Sunday afternoon. Noticed that everyone (without exception) of my friends smoked. So spent a fair bit of time sitting by myself - but at least I stayed warm and dry. And my house still stinks of cigaretes and I'm still washing dirty ashtrays but I can hinestly say I wasn't tempted at all. In fact just the opposite. Listening to a smokers' cough was enough to put me off. Wondered if I ever sounded that bad!

Hope you have a good Monday - and well done for fighting and winning against the weekend craving



Just joined today!

I'm on my 21st day today stopped 20 October 09. It's the longest I've ever stopped for in my 25 years of smoking. Felt great for the first two weeks but have been really struggling for the past couple of days. Just keep thinking that I can't imagine never having a ciggie and that I really miss them. Although at the same time I'm really proud of myself so need to find the strength to keep going. Would really appreciate any tips that other people have to get through this stage and keep sane


This is why it's so hard, I would not mind if we knew for the 1st 3 weeks its hell then it's over and you are back to a normal well balanced human being again! But NO!! You are great for one minute then you turn into this axe murdering, human hating, and miserable twit!!

Whilst in that mood we know it's us, we know it's because we want a ciggie but lord when that red mist comes down it's so hard.

I have no idea how long we have these mood swings and cravings for, personally I had a very bad Saturday but we are all in the same boat and we know how each other feels.

Anyway, hope you are better today.:)


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