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a week


hi again everyone

im on my 7th day now,,just been to the nhs no smoking meeting to get my perscription and have my carbon dioxide reading done,,it was 18 last week (my 1st visit) and tonight on my 2nd visit it was 6 :)

couldnt have managed without my inhalator ,its really helped me,

ive smoked 20ish a day for about 35 years

good luck to everyone else whos also giving up



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A huge well done, a week is fantastic.

Don't think of it as giving up, we are not giving anything up, we are gaining so much. We smell better, we are healthier, we are richer etc etc.

Just think very soon you will be counting in weeks and months, how fab is that.

Keep it up, and keep strong.

Hi Marie :D

Great the first week done and dusted keep going




thankyou bev and marge

yes a great feeling knowing ive not had one at all,,and as you say looking at it as gaining something rather than giving something up is a great way to think of it :)


Congrats on making it a week :)

Congrats Marie!!!!

Good job on the readings, your doing a great job! :D



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