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Feeling so positive - day 19

Hello all

Allan Carr talks about moving from a world of black and white into a technocolour one. I am so feeling it today! Felt like last night was a bit of a breakthrough, as I don't think I was thinking about cigs at all -- even as I was sipping my wine (usually the time I start to drift into thinking about them). It's early days, I know, but it's all good.


Hope all is well with you!


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Well done

That sounds great Julie!

Just remember it'll come back and sneak in if it can...stay awake on it.

You're doing GOOD...



Hi Julie :D

Almost 3 weeks and really pleased to hear that you feel good

Remember how good you feel today and then if you hit a hard day it will really help you through it


Marg xx


Hi Julie

I'm just one day ahead of you and I too felt that 18/19 were turning points almost..... feeling so much less weighted down and moody ..... even my obnoxious 17 year old know it all son didn't make me reach for a patch yesterday, let along wish I could roll one up.

Hope things continue to improve for you and the one day difference in our non smoking time stays the same



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