One month..done and dusted

Hi Month Oners - Very happy to be here.

One month done and dusted, with no real problems. Usual Champix side-effects at the beginning, vivid dreams, nausea etc but otherwise feeling fine and positive about cigarettes (or the lack of them). I still 'think' about cigarettes rather than crave them and on a couple of occasions have absent-mindedly gone to get a cigarette out of a non-existant packet just out of habit.

Have started to cut the Champix tablets in half now to try to get off them. Next week will be the first real test for me as I'm back in a full-on smoking environment, but by then I will have five weeks under my belt and hopefully won't be tempted.

Thanks for all the wise words during the past month


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  • Congratulations Cyprien (Sue) on reaching 1 month quit.

    I never used the champix but you seem to be doing well with them and good luck next week.

  • Hi Sue :D

    1 whole month smoke free that's great keep it going


    Marg xx

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