No Smoking Day
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2 months done and dusted!!


i haven't had 1,328 smokes:eek:!! and i feel fantastic! breathing better and my asthma nurse gave me a hug:o

the forum is all shiny and new. I couldn't find the site let alone anything on it and i have no idea how to work it! should keep me busy! took me a while to find the log in bitty lol!

well my eventful few weeks are done i think, back to normality! Had lots going on, from engagement partys to a wedding to birthdays (all triggers with lots of wine, one of which I was elated to not have thought of a cigarette at all!! amazeballs) and then some very bad news and a funeral to attend (and a very emotional me!!!!!) i had no cigarettes infact more of a strong urge not to give in! starting to feel exrememly confident this is the one now. I haven't had a soft mint in days! or a gummy bear! its for sure getting easier, but still the odd moment that can creep up, hit me for six and I have to power on through..... nothing a cuppa, patience and good word with myself wont fix!

so im feeling rather new and shiny myself! i have slimmed down by 7lbs (probably 6 after the Chinese i gorged on tonight), i have taken up yoga and running....and i just entered myself into a 5k fun run in march! i love this ex smoking, flab fighting I type this tucking into a massive aero bar (mint incase anyones wandering, and make that 5lb lost):rolleyes: <<<oooh new emoticons, this is cool:cool: <<<<:p (im easily amused)

hope everyone is well! :)

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Hi Laura, lovely to hear everything is going so well for you :) the forum is defo going to take some getting used to, like you you I am just learning the ropes, well done in your 2 months my friend xx


slowly getting used to lurking around now donna:) all change can be a bit 'meh' especially to me as im not all that computer savvy as it is lol, but its starting to grow on me:) glad to see all my fellow quitters still going strong!

ooooh trophys and dancing rainbow men/ smarties?? this is my favourite milestone so far!


Well done Laura, you are well on ya way..stay strong :)


What a wonderfully inspiring post Laura! :)

You're really reinventing yourself aren't you? It's fantastic to experience all those quitting positives and to know that you'll never have to worry about playing Russian Roulette with your health again.

You're making the most fantastic progress :D


Well done on your 2 month achievement Laura.


Well done! Fab work :)


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