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150 days today

Morning All

Hoping to have some sage advice for 150 days and all I can think of is thank god I got here, on reflection the craves are long gone but I've struggled with the quit blues, tried not to post as much as it didn't seem to be lifting. Remember everybody's quit is different, glad I went cold turkey this time, I really do think that had I still been using NRT on this quit I'd've been giving up anew each week. Cigarettes for me were a crutch, I had a fag every time I wanted to laugh, cry,scream or shout and having those feelings and no longer having a crutch has been a challenge. I'm grateful to no longer be a smoker. I'm grateful I can concentrate again. Even mangaged to let someone stay in my house recently and for them to smoke, albeit in a bedroom. Never thought I'd see it happen.

I've also done my 5 months shortly, so am leaving my treat until the weekend and rather than food (although am out for a meal at a neighbourhood restaurant on Friday) am going to buy myself some clothes instead.

Here we go - no smoking today and never take another puff.


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Hi Mah

Congratulations on a big 150 days :)

Enjoy your meal and your clothes shopping.


Well done, MAH! Congratulations on 150 days smoke free! We all struggle with those quit blues.......... re-programing our thoughts and letting go of our false belief that the 'fag' was our friend can be a process, for some quicker than others......... I have found that looking for new activities in my life to replace the smoking with has helped tremendously (for me this was hanging out on the forum :rolleyes:, reading more, and exercising like mad)

Don't disappear when you're feeling down.... had a bad moment the other day and the support of the forum was great....... so stick around for a bit until you feel less like the blues! See ya, MAH!! xxx


Wow 150 days that is impressive. Yes have been there with the blues, and still do some days, hate to agree with Bella, but she is right, don't disappear when you feel like that, come here and we will help you through it all we can.

food and clothes, life doesn't get much better:D


Hey Mah (long time no see, wondered if you were OK- only bman to locate now!):)

Glad you're OK and still quit. Think last time you were feeling down, but glad you're getting through it . Did the ST JW help?

(I'm still on my way back and forth, but if i add it up have been given up with just occasional smoking since July 08, so that's a bit better way to look at it .)



Congratulations on 150 days smoke free that's a great milestone to reach well done


Marg xxxxxxx


Big Congratulations, 150 days is brilliant.

Wishing you many more.



Thanks you lovely people

Cheers Michael, you're doing fab yourself!

BB13 - I'll try to hang around a bit more, did post quite a bit yesterday, had a look around the early days posts but everyone seemed to have a *buddy*.

Your right Bev, clothes shopping it is, meal has been cancelled tomorrow as has beers with work which is just as well as triple booked myself with chess - I need just the one diary in life!

Think the SJ did help Jude, not sure if I took it for long enough though, very difficult to find advice about it on the internet and the medical profession don't seem to be as happy about it in this country as they are say in Germany. Basically didn't want another addiction or to be in a position where my life felt blue when not taking the wort, think I took it for nearly 30 days.

Chrissie me old mucker, thank god that's red, have you read the latest scare stories about white! Teeth are ruined by the stuff apparently. S*d squats am spinnign then resistance tonight with a few lunges thrown in. Big feed Saturday night home made curry, where's that Fi when you want her.

Thanks Marg, you're closing in on the ulitmate enviable quit time yourself.

You too Jackie, December and Christmas is ever closer, you must be so proud of yourself.

To all thanks for all the encouragement, don't know how people manage without a site like this.



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