No Smoking Day

150 days - 5 months tomorrow

Been a while since I've been on. I'm hoping in a bizarre sort of way thats a good sign. I haven't been thinking of cigarettes or craving, actually the thought of "me" smoking is foreign - maybe that's why I've not been drawn to the forum. This quit is the "one", it feels so much easier than all of the others, and believe me there were a few!

Well done to every one else who's made it this far - and to anyone out there, who like me, has tried and failed and tried failed again and again. Keep on quitting - because one day you will suceed:)

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Hi Annasmummy :D

5 Months is fantastic well done you



Hi Annasmummy

Congrats on reaching 150 days,you must be so proud.


congratulations.. 150 days WOW well done x x


Well done Annasmummy,

Good news that this quit is the 'one' stopping you now, AM :D:D

Remember not to get caught out by those pesky trigger moments ;)



Well done you 150 days is awesome :D


well done you ,,150 days wow,,big pat on the back tony


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