Day 150...trail of destruction

Fairly big milestone today, but missing my partner in crime lisa42 :( What happened over the weekend? I did drunkenly visit and all hell was breaking loose!!

As far as not smoking is concerned, its been pretty easy for the last couple of months, even with the OH still smoking. Still get the very occassional 'fancy a fag' moment, but it soon passes.

Losing weight not going so well, however weight has been stable for a month. Will start increasing bike mileage gradually as the weather gets nicer and hopefully all the biscuit consumption of month 2&3 will be reversed!!!

Chins up!! :)

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  • Well done dave, 5 months is a great achievement :)

    I tried to follow the trail of destruction over the weekend re: lisa42 but to no avail :confused:

    one day at a time, they soon add up

  • Well done Dave!

    Those "fancy a fag" moment seem to be a lot easier to deal with at this point, but still annoying. I was queuing for my morning coffee today and the girl from the cafe was huddled in the doorway with a coffee and a fag. For a brief moment, I thought "that would be great, just to chill out for 5 mins", and then I saw the look on her face when she actually lit up. She just looked fed up. Bet she would gladly change places with any of us now!

  • Well done dave time seems to have flown, i know what u mean about smoking thoughts, the up side is they seem easy to bat away ,i think its probably better to know they are there rather than have them sneak up out of the blue. Lisa, dont know whats happened i hope she gets back .

    mash x

  • well done!:)That is such an amazing achievement! Excellent news

  • Hey Dave,

    ;) Good Job!!!

    and.... were is Lisa,:(

  • Big well done, Dave.

    This six month room is going to start filling up very quickly soon. :D

  • Late again as always - WELL DONE!!! Fantastic achievment.


  • Late again as always - WELL DONE!!! Fantastic achievment.


    You're slightly ahead of me Fellie, so well done on 150 days AND 5 months down!!!

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