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Made it through day 19


Had a bit of a hard day. The old naggy feeling was around more than usual today. Didn't give in though. Have to see it for what it is, it's addiction!!!. I don't really want a smoke, my addiction is just making a fuss. Anyway that's what I tell myself, and it does help. I can't wait for it to be a non-issue. Looking forward to day 20.

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You are so tackling this the right way, Elisabeth! It is your addiction that is making a fuss, nothing more and nothing less. Those feelings/pangs can be so intense that we tend to mistake them for more...... i.e. good ol buddy the fag...... you had a tough day and you did not give in and in just a little bit, you will see how your addiction will slowly fade and become weaker.

You keep that good attitude of yours! Keep seeing those tough moments for what they are..... remnants of an addiction. It will all pass and what you'll be left with is a life that YOU control, not the fags.

Good luck, stay strong ;)

Hi Elisabeth :D

Great almost 3 weeks smoke free now Keep it going

Sorry you had a tough day yesterday but you resisted the further you go the easier it becomes to do that

As Bella say's the addiction slowly fades with time until you don't really notice it anymore but remember it only takes one to wake it up again and back you go to the beginning

I think you're so strong that this won't happen to you


Marg xxxxxxx

Hi Elisabeth

Welcome to day 20...we are on the same day so it will be a move up to week 4 on Friday..

L x

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