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Yah! - it's day 4

In the time that the forums been down i've gone from being very disheartened about not being able to give up to now being on my day 4 of not smoking.

I had a kind of "bazooka" moment on friday night just before bedtime and was sitting thinking i should really go for a cigarette before bedtime - but then again, i dont really feel like one!

I made myself have it and it was disgusting!!!! and that was that, no more cigarettes :)

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Yeah, thats fantastic well done. Do not leave us now:)


Not leaving now :) don't want to go through day 1 ever ever again LOL

Wish i didnt feel quite so tired all the time though


Brilliant Carole. I said it would happen like that - just don't force yourself to smoke. It's hard to believe but it really is like that.

I think my tiredness was related to the vivid dreams waking me up several times at night. Sleep patterns just seemed to be disturbed but it does get better.

Well done, keep posting



Well done Carol. It does get easier promise and for those tough moments you can always come here for support.

Soon be in Week 2...:)


Hi Carol :D

Well done you onto day 5 now soon be the first week done keep it going


Marg xxx


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