Made it to Day 4

well i'm here at day 4 and feeling much better this morning than i did yesterday. Had to apologise to my wife this morning for being a moody ass yesterday...but hey first 3 days are meant to be the worst arent they ? and i feel very positive today and looking forward to the weekend.

Now i can plan to do something like a nice bike ride, instead of planning my day around cigarettes....

there's going to be some more bumps along the way i'm sure but i feel great and am enjoying the feeling of being a noon smoker !

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  • Good on you, and next week you can start counting in weeks not days.

    Also well done on recognising that you may have been a little out of order and apologised to your OH she will appreciate it trust me.

    Keep your wits about you and you will be fine.

    Well done.


  • thanks for your support !

    take care


  • I've shouted at my hubby for 3 weeks now!! Trust me they get used to it!!

    I've just been out and bought chocolate hobnobs, I would recommend them to cheer us up:D

  • hahah yes its funny how when i am on my own at home i feel fine and then when OH comes home i'm not ... Ooooops

  • So into a new room, on your way to a week, fantastic.

    Having those 3 days under your belt means you now no longer have nicotine in your system, that has gotta feel good right?

    Remember that you don't want to do those 3 days again, and certainly your OH does not want you to do those 3 days again:eek:

    Keep strong and of course keep posting to let us know how your getting on.

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