No Smoking Day
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Day 3 Already

day 3 and doing ok (ish). Had some bad spells today but got through them intact.

very proud of myself as a good friend came over earlier and while we were chatting he rolled up a fag and lit it up in the garden. That was hard, and i have been in this situation so many times before (with the same person) and i have said oh go on then roll me one up !

But i just ignored that he was smoking and we carried on chatting. i got through it and it was so much easier than i thought.

Still a long way to go but taking each moment as it comes.

hope you are all coping ok today...

finding silly little things very annoying and have a short fuse, but as long as no one gets in my way i am fine hahah

take care

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younme slowly tiptoes over to stevieeeeee and says

well done for getting to Day 3 and for not smoking with your mate. Wont be long before your into weeks rather than days.

Keep up the good work

younme slowly backs away just in case she has irritated stevieeeee



i am in such a BAD MOOD!! once again i havent stopped all day long. havent been able to get any work doen and emails are stacked up...mate came over this morning and sdtayed for 2 hours, then mum tuned up in the afternoon...arrrgghhh i just want to be left alone!

then just picked wife up and she's like "why havent you done this, have you done that? how did this happen" arrgghhh just #### off

ahhh i am starting to feel better already, this really does help just writing it down...

at no point was i even close to buying fags but had a terrible day and i understand even with cigarettes it would have still be terrible...

looking forward to later on when i can finally put my feet up and relax !

tomorrow is day 4 and i'm home alone so can fianlly get some work done...

bye bye!


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