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7 weeks done

Hi, some of you will know I have had a bit of a struggle on my hands the last few days. Well just to let you know I am still here and have cleared seven whole weeks. This is by far the most I have ever done.

I have been feeling fed up and sad. Not that I really want a cig, but that I would like to get through a day without "not smoking" becoming an issue. I still think about them loads, and sometimes that just gets me down.

I have tried to be positive and look at the health benefits, the money benefits, the not smelling bad benefits, but to be honest non of that has helped.

I think I just have to get through this bit, and I am sure I will, with your help of course.

Any newbies reading this please do not think that you have to struggle for 7 weeks, you don't, I have had some fantastic days in the last 7 weeks when not smoking has just not been an issue, but I am having a blip.

Thanks everybody for your kind words and support, I can't even begin to mention you all by name, but you know who you are.

Any spare PMA going please send it in my direction.

So going to get kids halloween outfits now, disco tonight!

See you all soon, be strong.

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I am sending a bucket load of PMA just for you Bev, I cant send it in the post cos the bloody postmen are all stood around a tin with fire in it making jacket potatoes and toasting marshmallows. Then I was going to send it by carrier pidgeon but they may have dropped it cos it was heavy - so if you are ready I am going to send it via sling shot.

Now go outside - get ready with your arms out and NOW! its winging its way to you.

Do the kids need costumes? Cant you make them anymore out of sheets? :D


Well done Bev on getting to 7 weeks :D thats have made it this its just one day at a time........and ........then suddenly you will notice you havn't thought about IT for ages......keep up the good work its worth it:D;)The kids will think so to;)


Go Bev, don't let that disco be an inferno! 7 weeks is great. When do we get into the "three month" club? OMG the first trimester. This is a bit like having a baby - all the days and months counting! But we will all breathe through it. OK. Cheers from Di. x


Large parcel of PMA on its way.....

7 weeks...well done you...xx


Hey Bev buddy, Congratulations on 7 weeks! I know it's been a tough journey so far and I am so proud of you for continuing to stay strong and being determined.

You know, my quit buddy and I both listened to hypnosis cd's in the beginning of our quit..... I remember listening to it once sometimes even twice a day.......... I think it helped. Maybe something you can look into? Amazon would ship in a couple of days...... was just a thought I had.

You are 7 weeks in now, and you can't give in now....... how could you? You've come this far, you need to keep going................. and we'll be here for as long as you need xxx


You go Bev , slowly but surely you will get to the point ya wont think about smoking so much When ya get there please let me know the directions LOL.



Sorry to hear you've been having a bit of a struggle - I completely understadn what you're going through. Am glad to see you're fighting your way through it.

Make sure you enjoy the Halloween madness!


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