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3rd time lucky?

Well, yet again I made it to day 5 last week and caved on the Friday night. Best of it was, I didn't even want one but hubby had bought 10 and they were just sat there looking at me until I picked one up. From Friday it carried on and after a few drinks on Saturday night, I was back to my usual habits.

The only positives I can take from the last quit is I genuinley didnt have the cravings, it was sheer stupidness that made me smoke, so for the the third time, here I am at day 1. :rolleyes:

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Don't worry, we've all been there! Don't beat yourself up.

Take it day by day again and tell your husband to hide his fags if he has them!!! You need support, not temptation! :)

Start again today. At least you didn't get to day 50 and start again! Not too far until you're back where you were.

Take care

LB xx


The good thing is you are back and you are trying again! Best of luck and don't feel too down - trust me most of us lot on here have fell off the wagon more than once!!!!

Chin up and keep going!!;)


Well done Louise for trying again, ask your other half for a bit of support this time, and read and read, next time you want to reach for one come on here and ask us what we think first so we can shake some sense into you


Hey Bradders

Look another Yorkshire bird, come on over to the club Louise, we are based in Bradders house


Welcome back. Don't beat yourself up if it was easy we wouldn't have this forum.

Good luck....x


check my signature... 4th time lucky this is.. i believe 100% that this IS the one for me.. and you'll reach that frame of mind too.. you'll just know.

Also check some of them links in my signature too, you may enjoy and find useful some of them links. Might help.. hope so.



Hi Louisejane,

Don't worry about the past, look forward to the future. I bet there's not many on here that have succeeded in quitting first time round (i know I certainly didn't)

Just pick yourself up, dust yourself down and come back fighting..

PP xx


Hey where did you get that picture of me from Pingu, Oh to be so slim again


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