No Smoking Day

Third Time Lucky!!!

Morning Morning All

Back again for the third shot at it. Cannot stand the old smokey joes anymore and it is time to Bust the Buttend once and for all!!

I am making Monday my quit day. Have to do it as cannot afford smokes anymore and cannot stand the way it dictates things. First quit back in August for 52 days changed my life so dramatically - and for the better - but a stressful period. Now I am ready. Getting in that drivers seat and doing my checks ready for.......

Take Off!!!

Glad to see so many buddies still at it. Well done to NS4M (my little night bud), Francessca (thanks hon for the message), Mr Whiteboy you are going so great well done yous, Buffy and Boudee - brill, Mr Admiral Steveh and everybody else you are all so cool. I have been reading the message boards for the last couple of months as a guest to psych myself up - so psyching myself up now.

Congratulations to you all - you should all be so proud of yourselves cos it is the hardest of journeys to take. This time I hope and pray I crack it.

Have a great day all

Good Luck


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I was just wondering how you were getting on. :) Fantastic that you've decided to give this another go, and you already know that you're going to get so much support and encouragement here.

Best of luck for monday, x


Enjoy your smokey week end ;)

See you on the other, smoke free, side on monday!

Remember to plan well.

~Buffy x x


Great news look forward to seeing you back monday. Linda xxxxxx


Hello and I look forward to getting to know you. Good Luck.xx


Hi PF, that's great news! You've made my w/e actually as i have often wondered how you were and resisted the temptation to mail you - didn't want to bother you. Anyway, fantastic that you're ready, spring is around the corner and you'll be able to smell the flowers! Yes! :)


Hi All!!

Thank you so much for all your encouraging words. I have got myself a star chart with girraffes on cos the kiddies want me to stop desperately so they are joining in the FUN!!! to.... Also got my jar ready for the spends - that bit I am looking forward to.

Hope you are all having a fab Saturday. I am off to clean the bathroom - oh what fun!! Well done everyone your posts are all so motivating, encouraging and inspiring. I can do it this time and I will.



Good Luck Poppy. We can do it this time round. I'm jumping back on the wagon today. Have a great weekend and look forward to your new start on Monday.


Thanks for your good lucks guys - really welcome.

A friend of mine who is about to quit also told me a story about her friend the other day. Her mate who has smoked since she was 9 - so for some 30 odd years approx 30 a day - has quit via champix. Her thoughts about quitting was this. That the pain of withdrawal would be a lot easier to cope with than the pain of living and going through cancer. That really struck me and I am keeping it in my head a lot. It is all a matter of choice and sometimes those choices are so hard to make at the rough times as the consequences of our actions can seem so far away. Her mate is doing really well which is great!!

Well done all of yous and keep going;)



omg Poppy I missed your comeback :eek: SO glad to see you here!!! x x x x!!!


OMG!!!!!!! You have decided to come home. I missed you lovely!!! I am sooooooooo happy to see you here and ready to try once again!! Oh how great is that :D You are amazing hunny. Thank you for your kind words night buddy - You are going to feel wonderful this time around. You will sleep well and have lots of energy. I am very proud of you for coming back ;) I hope the kiddies and family are doing well. I haven't been on the forum as much as I was in the beginning but I am doing amazing and haven't really had a ton of time to come and cheer others on through their rough roads. I will make the time though because this forum has been sooo wonderful to me, i need to give back! I am happy to see you once again and I look forward to chatting. Hopefully you are tucked cozily in your bed right now and I will chat with you tomorrow my time and later today your time. Wow it's 2am where you are and 9pm where I am. When you wake it will be your fresh starting day ~ head up sunshine - you have the power.

Hugs XxxxXxxxX

Reply MY NS4M!!

You are doing so fab lady you should be so mega proud of yourself cos I am.

I hope you are well, and so are the family.

Though I am leagues behind you now I shall follow your shadow to the sunshine.




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