13 days well done me!

Cant beleive it but it must be true cos iv got an inhalator hanging out of my mouth as im typing instead of one of those foul rollups that stings your eyes and gets in the way of everything. So well done me. Its good to see it in writing and blow my own trumpet.bbbblllllllaaaaaaadeeeeeeblllaaaaaahdeeeeeebllllaahhhhhhh. Brillias fantastic wwwwhooopppeee dooo


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  • Well done mash! :D

  • Cyber pat on the back coming your way, keep up the good work Mash :)


  • Brilliant mash :)

    What an achievement , you can do it !

  • Well done keep the hard work up :)

  • Its now 14 days Mash...well done.

    I'm 4 days behind you.....we CAN do it!


  • Well done you :D:D:D:D


  • Nice Mate

    Well done

  • Blow that trumpet for all you're worth, dude! Well done you xxx

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